International Yoga Day

Over 50 MSM & transgenders participated in a Yoga Day event held at Sahodaran Community Oriented Health Development Society which was especially for them. International Day of Yoga, which falls on June 21, will feature mass demonstration on their premises with participation by CYTER team of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Puducherry. The event, which included yoga lessons and lectures on the benefits of yoga, was organized by the Kinner Maa Ek Samajik Sanstha Trust, a non-government organisation that works for the welfare of transgenders.

Mx.Sheethal, President of the society, said the society has been working hard to convey to the people that MSM & Transgenders, too, have a right to be included in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’ motto. “We want to tell society that ‘sab’ includes us too and that society will only prosper when everyone strives towards development together. As a result of continuous rejection from society, we have seen cases where MSM &Transgenders face depression or get involved in illegal activities. This programme encourages them to adopt yoga in their daily lives and get rid of these emotional problems,” Mx. Sheethal said.