SCOHD Society has partnered with the Pondicherry Government in order to gain access to sanctioned medical facilities for members of the LGTBQ community. These medical facilities provide STI/HIV/AIDS testing as well as regular medical check-ups.

HIV/AIDS and Psycho-Social Counseling

Since the LGBTQ community is especially vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other STDs/STIs SCOHD focuses on ways in which to limit the number of those infected. This takes the form of group discussions, safe sex education, and the distribution of free condoms and lubricants.

We also focus on the mental aspect of sexual health, providing counseling and support, both in groups and individually. We have an in house counselor that has been working with SCOHD Society for over a decade now. The reason for this longevity is a direct result of strong trusting relationships and counseling successes over the years.

Diffusion of information and communication (DIC) Level meeting
SCOHD Society conducts weekly meetings on Sundays at the organization’s headquarters in Pondicherry. In these meetings we discuss subjects such as condom utilization, sexual awareness, and an expansion of educational resources – our facilities and the government’s People Living with HIV/AIDs (PLHAs). These meetings often include both persons from the relationship in an attempt to spread the information as much as posible. Nearly 60 participants attend the meetings monthly and even more passthrough Community building meetings and Focus Group Discussions with cultural programs.

Hotspot Level Meeting
The meetings occur on the ground and in locations that are known to frequented by those who are in the high-risk group. Every meeting is planned beforehand and each location is visited before the meeting takes place. The aim of the program is to visit the problem at the root of its cause in order to educate those who are in the high-risk groups. Last year SCOHD Society organized 58 different hotspot level meetings in a number of locations throughout Pondicherry.

Polling Booth Survey
The Polling Booth is a tool we use to evaluate the behavioral patterns of individuals within the high-risk groups: condom use, risk behavior, sexual tendencies, and access to medical services. It is also monitoring some of the behavioral outcomes of Target Intervention (TI) programs each year. We look at behavioral changes in activities like condom usage, high-risk behaviors (Ex. Anal Intercourse), and sexual/physical violence. We also use the Polling Booth to understand existing HIV/AIDS knowledge at our MSM/transgender community polling Booth survey.