SCOHD Society works in a number of ways to empower the LGBTQ community:

SCOHD functions as a meeting place where members of the community can drop in at our headquarters to talk, dance, and enjoy meeting other like-minded people. It is a place for free expression, support, and education. Most importanly, it is a safe space for the LGBTQ community to find gudiance and comfort.

The organization specialises in crisis response interventions. Many community members utilize the experienced staff for guidance when faced with legal difficulties. President, Sheethal, is the main contact for crisis response. She remains available through telephone or whatsapp for rapid response. Transgender individuals in India are often subject to police harassment and Sheethal steps in as an experienced community representative. She and her team are often called to the police station or bus stands, where sexual minorities are most often harassed. Crisis response interventions help strengthen relationships with high risk members of the community.

Behavior change communication (BCC) events are often help in partnership with community health educators and counselors. Such events serve as a way to educated those within the LGBTQ community and help them become more open and accepting of themselves. BCC and confidence building assist in countering daily issues.

As a result of the large turn out to these events, SCOHD Society has identified over 20 new high-risk cases. These individuals have been accepted into the community and provided counseling and health support services. Additionally, 13 adolescent cases have been identified and treated with special attention. In particular situations, high risk cases are referred to HIV/AIDS/STI clinics or hospitals.